Podiatry is the treatment of any and all disorders of the foot and ankle. A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine who is trained in orthopedic and dermatological surgery as well as conservative and invasive medicine of the foot and ankle. There is no higher trained physician than a podiatrist when it comes to the foot and ankle. A podiatrist must first obtain an undergraduate bachelor of science degree form a four year university, usually in biology. After undergraduate college, a four year medical degree from a school of podiatric medicine is earned in order to become a DPM. After earning the docotor of podiatric medicine (DPM) degree, a one to four year residency must be completed. Following this, state boards and a state license must be obtained followed by continuing medical education through the practice life of the physician.  
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At Athens Family Foot Care we treat any and ALL problems of the foot and ankle. Our goal is to restore your foot and ankle health in the most conservative yet corrective manner that will last a lifetime. We believe in conservative alternatives. Surgery is always a last resort.
 We also believe and practice natural medical solutions.
 We want to get you better fast and keep you better forever, with no complications from the pathology or the treatment in your

 Here are a few but not all of the pathological problems that
 Dr. Herron treats:
 - ingrown toe nails
 - planter warts
 - heel pain
 - ankle pain
 - arch pain
 - fractures of the foot and ankle
 - sprains of the foot and ankle
 - broken toes
 - sweaty feet
 -  athletes foot
 - insect bites
 - dermatological pathologies such as psoriasis, dry skin, skin tags, moles,  and skin cancers
 - vascular pathology including venous edema and lymph edema
 - leg and foot ulcers
 - arthritic pathologies such as gout, bone spurs,  bunions, and hammertoes
 - pediatric problems including
 club foot, flatfoot, and nail pathologies
 - diabetic foot care with  prevention and complication resolution such as toe nail issues, neuropathy, and ulcerations.
 - all sport injuries and performance enhancements and injury protective solutions
 - Dr. Herron makes his own orthotics the same day as treatment so you walk out corrected and feeling 100%
 - Dr. Herron also makes his own healing lotions, creams, sprays, and foot soaks which can include compounding medications
into his natural products to get the best result possible without putting a pill in the entire body to treat the foot and ankle.

 If you have a concern or question about your problem and how Dr. Herron can correct your leg, ankle, and / or foot issue,
feel free to contact him directly via email or call the office and schedule your appointment today.

706 549-3668